Sindu Siwikan // Galvanized wire and cement // 9″ x 8″ x 32″ // 2021

Indonesia is located in a tropical region with heavy rainfalls, where animate beings, humans, animals and plants can adapt and survive under different climatic conditions.

Indonesia’s geographical location and climate can influence the personality of animate beings, especially humans. Generally, people in Indonesia have a friendly and smiling character. They are also very curious. Therefore, it is easy for Indonesians to get to know other people, no matter what ethnic group they belong to or what religion they have. This also includes sharing with others, regardless of their cultural and religious background.

The tradition of working together for a good cause (Ind.: gotong royong) and supporting one another is a deep-seated value of Indonesian society. In fact, it is quite easy for Indonesians to care, give and love one another, instead of offending or showing hate, regardless of religious, or any other, differences.

However, religion is also a very sensitive topic for public discussion. Sometimes religion is wrongly used to explicitly create conflicts. However, depending on the situation, I think that it should be possible to engage in polite dialogue in order to open people’s minds and hearts.

Religion and (the tolerance for) plurality are fundamental, deeply rooted values of the Indonesian population. Without knowing it, people are part of the ongoing religious dialogue in society. In order to protect oneself from foreign ideologies from outside (that tend to sow conflict), it is necessary to regenerate one’s own memory and self-perception.

My artwork is a symbol for tolerance. Two figures, symbolizing all people, interact by shaking hands. The figures are made of two different materials: cement and wire. Cement and wire are complementary media. For example, these materials are used in the construction of new buildings. To reinforce the cement foundation, a support strutting structure made of a strong wire is needed. This analogy symbolizes how difference and harmony can unite in peace.